Tranquil Timbers Camping Retreat a Door County Campground
3668 Grondin Road
Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235-9008
Main Reservations & Phone ~ (920) 743-7115
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Seasonal Rates:
Bluff Elite:Water, 20, 30 and 50 amp hook ups $3,996.00 Overlooking the Bay
Bluff Premium: Water, 20, 30 and 50 amp hook ups $3,204.00 Sites located in the inner circle
Standard Water, 30 amp hook up $2,472.00
Premium Water, 30 amp hook up $2,880.00
Elite Water, 50 amp hook up/septic $3,072.00
Tax on seasonal sites is 5.5%

With gas prices continuously on the rise and the busy schedules we all have today, Seasonal Camping at Tranquil Timbers just makes sense.

Just imagine your own summer place. No more packing up the camper or planning for the trip, or calling to make reservations only to find out the site you want is already rented.

Gone are the days of hooking up and driving in traffic that always seems to be going the same place you are. Waiting for the Lincoln ahead of you to turn left that never does, or trying to figure out why he's going 25mph uphill in a 50mph zone in front of you.

When you finally arrive, you have to back your unit into place, unhook and level it, (we all know how "level" those sites really are.) How many weekend getaways have started with a "debate" on what's level or "little to the left, no a little to the right, no your other right!!" When this is done then you unpack the truck, unload the bikes, clothes, food and firewood. Are we relaxing yet? Hang the lights, set out the "our place" sign and start the fire. After all this you can finally kick back and relax�tomorrow, by now it's got to be what? 11:00pm? Just think, in 36 hours you can do this all over again. Maybe even in the rain.

When you become a Seasonal Camper you will always have a place to stay, YOUR place, set up, ready to go. Get here, unlock and enjoy your time away from everyday life. Everything makes sense. The planned activities for the kids and adults, the swimming pools and playgrounds, the friends you will make. All of this makes Tranquil Timbers the perfect "second home".


All campers for sale on Tranquil Timbers Property are "For Sale by Owner". Tranquil Timbers assumes no interest or liability in any sales. The purchase of any camper on site, does not guarantee site reservation or rates. All sales and subsequent reservations/seasonal campers are subject to the required background check and current market values. The purchase of any camping unit DOES NOT, and MAY NOT include any seasonal fees for the current camping season, as it pertains to the current site rental.

If you have any questions or would like more information please feel free to give us a call at (920) 743-7115.

Thank you for choosing Tranquil Timbers
for seasonal camping in Door County!

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